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Supportive Services

The resident services program promotes initiatives that will assist public housing families improving their quality of life, and creating an environment that advocates safety, security, and self-pride.

To provide resident services and community building programs, the Housing Authority has programs dealing with health issues, adult education classes, reading, nutrition, parenting, job placement, job skills, computer classes, tutoring, sports, and recreational events. These programs are implemented at the Rosa Viola Hill Smith Community Center.

Our goal is self-sufficiency and economic independence for our residents. There are numerous agencies and organizations that believe in our mission and assist us in our tasks. We applaud these agencies and individuals. The Housing Authority has developed strong community-based partnerships with local social service agencies, area schools, and churches. All the partners have teamed with the Housing Authority and provided quality programming at the community center, volunteered their time, or provided services.

By forming a partnership with residents, local businesses, non-profits, volunteers, schools, churches, and other government agencies, the Housing Authority is able to leverage existing resources and focus on the needs of the public housing families. There is a tremendous wealth of expertise and a reservoir of information and energy within our community. Because of this, we are all working together to create a safe environment and to provide hope for the future to our residents.


We love and appreciate all our volunteers for your many acts of kindness and your precious time you give throughout the year. We look forward to your smiles, your good cheer, and dedication to our residents. Each and every one of you are special and wonderful!